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Rakuten customers can now use Bitcoin when shopping

Japanese retail giant Rakuten has linked its crypto wallet to its payment app. This allows customers to use their Bitcoin holdings in everyday purchases.

The crypto-friendly Japanese trading platform Rakuten now offers Rakuten Wallet users the option of using cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. Rakuten Wallet is the platform’s crypto-exchange subsidiary

According to an announcement on February 24, users can now seamlessly top up their Rakuten Pay accounts with their Bitcoin ( BTC ), Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) and Ether ( ETH ). Rakuten Pay is a mobile payment app that is used nationwide and is supported by many large and medium-sized merchants.

Rakuten had already offered to convert their Rakuten Group loyalty points into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in 2019 . Now there is another integration. The Rakuten Wallet, Rakuten Cash (Rakuten’s e-money service), and Rakuten Pay will be linked and support cryptocurrency purchases from retailers such as McDonald’s, Seiyu, and FamilyMart.

There are no conversion fees between fiat, e-money and crypto holdings. However, there is a minimum purchase amount of around $ 9.40 and a monthly cap of around $ 940

To use the integration, users must be a Rakuten member and have a trading account with Rakuten Wallet. The company is also offering a small bonus in Rakuten Points as an incentive for the new service.

Internal source confirms imminent general ban on cryptocurrencies

India: Internal source confirms imminent general ban on cryptocurrencies

A bill already entered in the Indian parliament is apparently aimed at a general ban on cryptocurrencies.

An anonymous source from India’s finance ministry confirms that cryptocurrencies will soon be banned outright in the world’s second most populous country.

The inside source told Bloomberg that the use of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Bank software in any form will be banned. A corresponding bill is to be debated in parliament soon. Trading cryptocurrencies via foreign crypto exchanges would also no longer be allowed in the future.

Crypto investors are to be granted a transitional period of three to six months as soon as the planned law comes into force, in order to be able to liquidate their crypto assets.

Digital Currencies was already entered

As the supposed source from the Ministry of Finance explains, the Indian government’s negative stance stems from the fact that the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), condemns cryptocurrencies.

In January, a draft on the „Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currencies“ was already entered in the Indian parliament, which is on the agenda for the next few weeks.

This will most likely be the bill discussed, as the subject of the draft is to create a legal framework for the RBI’s central bank digital currency, while at the same time „banning all private cryptocurrencies in India“.

Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder and managing director of Unocoin, a major Indian crypto exchange, tells Bloomberg that the domestic crypto industry is „eager for more details to follow“:

„If the government does indeed ban all cryptocurrencies except their own, then it no longer makes sense for us to do our business in India. But for now, it is a case of wait and see.“

The Supreme Court of India had in turn in March 2020 struck down a previous RBI order that had banned Indian financial institutions from handling cryptocurrencies and working with crypto companies, which amounted to a blanket ban.

In June 2020, the Indian Ministry of Finance had again submitted a bill that was intended to achieve such a general ban.

Il CEO di Crypto non ha dubbi: il Bitcoin arriverà a 100.000 dollari quest’anno

Ki Young Ju, CEO della startup di analisi blockchain CryptoQuant, ha rivelato di non avere „alcun dubbio“ che il prezzo del bitcoin raggiungerà i 100.000 dollari quest’anno, ma ha aggiunto che nel breve termine ha una posizione ribassista per la mancanza di una significativa pressione di acquisto.

Le parole del CEO si basano sui dati di Coinbase Pro, che mostrano che lo scambio non sta vedendo una pressione di acquisto sufficiente a mantenere il prezzo della criptovaluta di punta in salita. Al momento della stampa, il BTC è scambiato a $34.270 dopo essere sceso di oltre l’8% nelle ultime 24 ore, secondo i dati di CryptoCompare.

Il CEO della criptovaluta è noto per essere rialzista sul Crypto Engine e in passato ha usato varie metriche per prevedere la corsa al toro di quest’anno. CryptoQuant ha sottolineato che l’afflusso totale di BTC in tutti i portafogli di proprietà di scambi cripto tende a diminuire quando il prezzo del Bitcoin sta salendo e viceversa.

Le balene stanno depositando $BTC negli scambi.

Non c’è dubbio che colpirà $100k quest’anno, ma nel breve termine, se non vedessimo una significativa pressione di acquisto da parte di @CoinbasePro, penso che $BTC sarebbe ribassista.

Dovremmo tenere d’occhio il deflusso di Coinbase e Coinbase Premium (sarà lanciato entro il prossimo mese)
– Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) 20 gennaio 2021

Ki Young Ju tiene traccia dei dati sullo scambio di criptovalute Coinbase, con sede a San Francisco, poiché i suoi flussi in uscita hanno apparentemente mostrato la presenza di investitori istituzionali che acquistano BTC. All’inizio di questo mese, 1,7 miliardi di dollari di deflussi dallo scambio hanno suggerito che le istituzioni stavano comprando bitcoin sopra i 30.000 dollari.

Egli sta, in quanto tale, anche monitorando i deflussi da Coinbase così come un premio che è stato visto sullo scambio. Una pressione di acquisto sufficiente, ha detto, è stata sufficiente a creare un divario di 100 dollari tra la coppia BTCUSD su Coinbase e la coppia BTCUSDT su Binance. Ha ipotizzato che la pressione possa provenire da individui con un elevato patrimonio netto e da investitori istituzionali.

3/ Premio Coinbase

C’è stata una pressione di acquisto sufficiente a creare un divario di 100 dollari tra BTCUSD su Coinbase e BTCUSDT su Binance. Questo potrebbe provenire da individui con un alto patrimonio netto e da investitori istituzionali.

I dati saranno rilasciati entro domani.
– Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) 20 gennaio 2021

Se il premio su Coinbase scende o scompare, significa che gli investitori istituzionali e altri grandi attori non stanno più accumulando pesantemente BTC, e come tale la pressione di acquisto è diminuita significativamente. Allo stesso modo, i deflussi mostrano se i grandi investitori istituzionali stanno facendo operazioni over-the-counter (OTC) per BTC.

Gli analisti di JPMorgan hanno anche recentemente avvertito che la soglia dei 40.000 dollari è critica per la criptovaluta, poiché non riuscire a rimanere al di sopra potrebbe significare una tendenza ribassista a breve termine. Nonostante la correzione in corso, la maggior parte sembra essere d’accordo che il prezzo del BTC aumenterà nel corso dell’anno.

Forholdet mellem amerikansk statsgæld og Bitcoin forklaret

Bitcoinere søger vedvarende USD-inflation for at validere deres foretrukne aktiv. Det vil sandsynligvis ikke ske snart, siger økonomer, men lave renter er stadig en velsignelse for BTC.

Der kan bevise bitcoins styrke som et sikringsaktiv

Den slags inflationsudbrud, der kan bevise Bitcoin Profit styrke som et sikringsaktiv, kommer ikke på kort sigt, ifølge nogle økonomer.

”Lige nu fortæller lave renter os, at der ikke er noget bevis for, at vi låner for mange penge,” sagde Stanford-økonom Erik Brynjolfsson. ”Separat, men relateret, er inflationen også meget lav. [Federal Reserve] har sat et mål på ca. 2% for inflation, og det har konsekvent manglet det mål på den lave side. Vi ser ikke noget bevis for, at inflationen tager fart. ”

Faktisk kan fremtidig økonomisk vækst være i fare, hvis USA omfavner ikke ny stimulus, fortalte tidligere finansminister Lawrence Summers til CoinDesk. Han sagde, at potentialet for inflation ikke er så betænkeligt som potentialet for økonomisk vækst, der stopper.

”Jeg tror, ​​at de større risici stadig er på siden af ​​verdslig stagnation og lave renter,” sagde Summers. „Der kan være en midlertidig følelse af varme i økonomien på grund af al den stimulus, der er givet det sidste år.“

Bitcoinere holder nøje øje med inflationsindikatorer som USA Styrkelse af rentekurven i statskassen i begyndelsen af ​​januar, hvilket viser, at investorer forventer økonomisk vækst, der vil kræve, at Federal Reserve hæver renterne for at kontrollere inflationen. Den femårige breakeven rate, der repræsenterer, hvordan obligationsmarkedet forudser en langsigtet inflation, har været over 2% siden begyndelsen af ​​året.

Disse indikatorer peger på fremtidig stigende inflation, men „vi ser det ikke endnu,“ sagde Brynjolfsson.

”Det er muligt, endda sandsynligt, at regeringens politik i det kommende år vil ændre det og begynde at bringe renten op igen,” sagde Brynjolfsson. „Fed kan tjene penge på noget af den [gæld] ved at udskrive penge.“

Lige nu skriger markederne efter mere gæld

”Udbud og efterspørgsel dikterer, at når der er flere sparere end låntagere, vil [reelle] renter falde til nul eller endda negative,” sagde Brynjolfsson og kommenterede et diskussionsoplæg fra Summers og Harvard-økonom Jason Furman. „Markederne er villige til at købe statslige aktiver, og hvis regeringen udsteder mere gæld, ville det blive snappet op meget hurtigt.“

Besparelserne er steget markant under pandemien, mens udbuddet af investeringskapital er faldet, sagde Summers. Som et resultat er realrenten på at betjene statsgælden negativ og sandsynligvis forblive sådan på kort sigt, hvilket betyder, at regeringen ville tjene penge på at låne mere. (Den reelle rentesats er renten, når inflationen tages i betragtning.)

Med lidt plads til centralbanker til lavere renter og en klar bane til at låne mere, vender mange avancerede økonomier sig til finanspolitik for at afværge den fortsatte krise.

„Hvis du kigger rundt i verden, er der mangel på efterspørgsel i mange store lande med avanceret økonomi … [der] begyndte denne krise til dybt negative renter og har haft lidt politisk plads med renter,“ U.S. Federal Reserve formand Jerome Powell sagde under en begivenhed, der var vært ved Princeton University sidste torsdag. „At alt kommer til at hænge rundt et stykke tid.“

Når vacciner skaber en verden, der kan tilbringe frit igen, kan det stadig ikke producere den høje inflation, som bitcoiners ville være på udkig efter som en bekræftelse af BTC’s „inflation hedge“ -afhandling.


Mike Novogratz håller med om att Litecoin är en direkt attack mot Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency analytiker och före detta näringsidkare Qiao Wang har släppt ut skarp kritik av Litecoin (LTC) och slog O.G. altcoin som en „direkt attack“ på Bitcoin i en nyligen tweet:

Till nykomlingar: LTC är en direkt attack mot BTC. LTC är inte snabbare än BTC. Det är inte silver till BTC: s guld. Det är inte BTC: s testnät. BTC: s testnät är BTC: s testnät.

Detta gav honom beröm från ingen ringare än tidigare hedgefondförvaltare och Galaxy Digital-vd Michael Novogratz som kallade Wang en „smart man“ baserat på hans uppfattning.

Debunking berättelsen om „digital silver“

Annonseras ofta som „silver till Bitcoins guld“, Litecoin har en mycket mindre marknadsvärde jämfört med den ledande kryptovalutan.

Wang är emellertid övertygad om att alla jämförelser mellan de två är absurda, och „skräp“ altcoin är endast lämpligt som ett spekulationsmedel:

Jag är allt för att tjäna pengar. Men det finns inget att vara stolt över.

Litecoin avfärdas av skeptiker som en copycat-version av Bitcoin eftersom den skapades genom att justera källkoden för den ursprungliga kryptovalutan för att göra den mer effektiv.

Samtidigt som de delar samma konsensusmekanism och maximala försörjningstak har Litecoin en annan gruvalgoritm, kallad Scrypt. Det producerar också nya block fyra gånger snabbare än Bitcoin (2,5 minuter respektive 10 minuter).

LTC är för närvarande den femte största kryptovalutan med ett börsvärde på 5,6 miljarder dollar efter att ha vänt Bitcoin Cash förra månaden.

Krypten har minskat med 77 procent sedan den nått sin högsta nivå på cirka 366 dollar i december 2017 – när dess skapare, Googles tidigare programvaruingenjör, Charlie Lee, berömt dumpade alla sina innehav.

Prata din egen bok

Det är inte första gången som Wang skjuter på Litecoin. I slutet av november medgav han dyster att Litecoin, tillsammans med Ripple-ansluten XRP, skulle upptäckas av detaljhandelsfären före DeFi-tokens som Aave (AAVE) och Synthetix (SNX) på grund av ett överflöd av ramper och deras höga placering i kryptorankning.

Med tanke på att Wang för närvarande är vid rodret för den decentraliserade finansacceleratorn DeFi Alliance, har han ett intresse av att aktivt avskräcka oinitierade nykomlingar från att välja LTC framför flashiga decentraliserade finanssaker.

Novogratz, en miljardär som är återigen, har också DeFi-projekt i sin portfölj, vilket förmodligen förklarar hans motvilja mot teamblått.

Litecoin, en av de äldsta altcoinsna, firade nyligen sin nionde årsdag med noll driftstopp på rekord, ett faktum som ständigt firas av Lee. Kommer DeFi-tokens att ha samma uppehållskraft?

Bitcoin en Altcoins consolideren na scherpe verkoop, dips ondersteund

  • De Bitcoin-prijs herstelde zich boven de 31.000 dollar na een sterke daling tot 28.000 dollar.
  • Ethereum consolideert nu de winst in de buurt van USD 1.000, XRP heeft de belangrijkste USD 0,212 steun.
  • XLM begon een nieuwe stijging en steeg met meer dan 8% tot meer dan USD 0,155.

Gisteren zag de bitcoinprijs een scherpe neerwaartse correctie onder 32.500 dollar en 30.000 dollar. BTC corrigeerde meer dan 15% voordat het steun vond in de buurt van USD 29.000. Onlangs begon het een nieuwe opwaartse beweging en het handelt momenteel (05:00 UTC) ruim boven USD 30,000.
Op dezelfde manier was er een sterke terugval in veel grote altcoins. ETH/USD corrigeerde meer dan 250 tot 900 USD voordat het boven de 1.000 USD herstelde. XRP/USD handelt nog steeds in een belangrijke range boven de USD 0.212 support zone.

Bitcoin prijs

Na een sterke daling vond de bitcoin prijs steun in de buurt van USD 28.000. BTC klom terug boven USD 30.000 en USD 31.000. Opwaarts is de eerste belangrijke weerstand in de buurt van het niveau van USD 31.800. De belangrijkste weerstand is nu in de buurt van het USD 32.500-niveau, waarboven de prijs opnieuw de USD 34.000 zone zou kunnen bereiken.
Bij een nieuwe daling zou de prijs in de buurt van het USD 30.200-niveau kunnen komen. Als er nog meer verliezen worden geleden, kan een nieuwe test van de USD 28.000 steun nodig zijn.

Etherische prijs

De etherische prijs bleef goed bieden in de buurt van USD 900 en steeg sterk tot boven de USD 1.000. ETH handelde zelfs boven de 1.050 dollar, maar slaagde er niet in om boven de 1.100 dollar af te rekenen. Het is weer aan het dalen en heeft moeite om boven de USD 980 en 1.000 dollar te blijven. De volgende grote steun ligt in de buurt van de USD 940-zone.
Aan de andere kant is het USD 1.050-niveau een kortetermijnweerstand. De eerste grote hindernis voor de stieren ligt in de buurt van de USD 1.100, gevolgd door USD 1.120.

Bitcoin cash, litecoin en XRP prijs

De contante prijs van Bitcoin heeft moeite om boven de steunzone van 400 dollar te blijven. Als BCH de USD 400 en USD 390 niveaus breekt, bestaat er een risico op een daling naar het USD 365 niveau. De volgende belangrijke inkoopzone zou in de buurt van het USD 350-niveau kunnen komen. Aan de andere kant zit er een onmiddellijke weerstand op USD 420, waarboven de koers zou kunnen stijgen naar USD 445.
Litecoin (LTC) daalt met meer dan 4% en handelt onder het USD 155 support level. Als de LTC zich onder 150 en 145 USD vestigt, zou het kunnen blijven dalen naar de 132 en 130 USD support levels. Omgekeerd zouden de stieren een nieuwe stijging boven het niveau van 160 en 165 USD kunnen proberen.
De XRP prijs wordt nog steeds verhandeld in een brede range boven de USD 0,212 en USD 0,208 steunniveaus. Als er een negatieve doorbraak is onder het USD 0.208 support level, dan is er kans op een scherpe daling. Om een sterke stijging te starten, moet de prijs de USD 0.245 en USD 0.250 weerstandniveaus opheffen.

Andere altcoins markt vandaag

Veel altcoins daalden met meer dan 8%, waaronder DOT, SC, CEL, DGB, XVG, UNI, AMPL, BSV, KSM, BTT, TRX, ALGO en VET. Omgekeerd presteerde XLM beter dan de USD 0,155 weerstand.

Over het geheel genomen heeft de bitcoin-prijs moeite om boven de USD 31.500 en 32.000 dollar uit te komen. Als BTC de steunniveaus van USD 30.200 en USD 30.000 breekt, is er kans op een nieuwe daling in de richting van het USD 28.000 niveau.

Prognoza ceny Bitcoin: BTC / USD spada poniżej 33 600 USD; Możliwość zakupu taniego lub spokoju

Cena Bitcoin spada dzisiaj z wysokiego poziomu 33 600 USD do najniższego poziomu 27 678 USD w ciągu kilku godzin.

Długoterminowy trend BTC / USD: Byczy (wykres dzienny)
Kluczowe poziomy:

BTCUSD – wykres dzienny

BTC / USD znajduje się w środku ruchu wstecznego od początku dzisiejszego handlu. W międzyczasie trend spadkowy stał się dość nie do powstrzymania, podczas gdy kluczowe wsparcie w wysokości 28 000 USD zostało zniszczone, co zmusiło byki do skoncentrowania się na obronie kolejnego wsparcia, którego celem jest 27 000 USD. Jeśli to się zepsuje, dodatkowe wsparcie można znaleźć za 25 500 USD, 25 300 USD i 25 100 USD.

Czego można oczekiwać od Bitcoin (BTC)

Tworzenie byczego wzoru flagi sugeruje, że akcja zwyżkowa może być kontynuowana tylko wtedy, gdy wsparcie wzoru nie zostanie złamane. Jednak załamanie poniżej wsparcia dla flag może spowodować tragiczne skutki wzrostu cen Bitcoin Billionaire w kierunku 26000 USD. Wskaźnik techniczny również wspierał niedźwiedzi ruch, dalej utwierdzając w przekonaniu, że może to być koniec rajdu byka.

Jednak RSI (14) porusza się poniżej poziomu 80 w strefie wykupienia, ponieważ ostry spadek jest wyraźnym wskaźnikiem wpływu, który pozwala niedźwiedziom wywierać większą presję na rynek. Tymczasem odwrócenie jest możliwe, ale tylko w przypadku odzyskania oporu na poziomie 32,500 USD. Handel wytrwałością powyżej tego poziomu może technicznie wypchnąć monetę do poziomów oporu 36 000, 36 200 i 36 400 USD.

Średnioterminowy trend BTC / USD: Byczy (wykres 4-godzinny)

Patrząc na wykres 4-godzinny, Bitcoin (BTC) nie spadł jeszcze poniżej 25 000 USD i nadal jest w trakcie odbijania. Cena Bitcoina waha się poniżej 9-dniowych i 21-dniowych średnich kroczących i może zająć trochę czasu, zanim handel przekroczy 34000 USD. W tej chwili cena Bitcoina porusza się obecnie na poziomie 31 484 USD.

BTCUSD – wykres 4-godzinny

Jeśli jednak byki mogą przegrupować i pobudzić rynek, handlowcy mogą spodziewać się ponownego testu na poziomie 25 000 USD. Dlatego przełamanie 33 000 USD może również pozwolić bykom na przekroczenie 9-dniowych i 21-dniowych średnich kroczących w celu przetestowania poziomów oporu 34 000 USD i powyżej. Innymi słowy, jeśli niedźwiedzie powinny nadal utrzymywać cenę i przeciągać ją w dół, wówczas poziomy wsparcia wynoszące 29 100 USD i poniżej mogą zostać odwiedzone, gdy RSI (14) spadnie poniżej poziomu 550, wskazując na dodatkowy ruch niedźwiedzi.

Edward Snowden discusses state surveillance of protest movements

Increased social media surveillance could pose a threat to protest movements.

Yesterday, Friday, the prominent whistleblower Edward Snowden moderated an online conference as part of a fundraising campaign for the “Tor Project” anonymization service

In addition to Snowden, three other experts from the fields of data protection and human rights took part in the conversation. The four participants discussed the worldwide protest movements in the past year, whether in Belarus or the USA.

Alison Macrina, the founder of the Library Freedom project, said: “What we saw in the protests for ‚Black Lives Matter‘ around the world this summer is that the police are also watching the protesters‘ activities on social media monitor.“

Accordingly, the protesters would have been more careful about what they share and write:

“One thing that is already very common in the US is that fewer and fewer protesters are sharing photos or videos showing other people’s faces. It’s great that there is an awareness that the people who are photographed or filmed could otherwise face fines. “

Berhan Taye, an expert on data protection and Africa, cites the ethnic tensions in northern Ethiopia as an example. „There is an armed conflict in the Tigray region, and then things got worse when the region was cut off from the Internet less than a month ago“.

As Taye goes on to explain, many residents of the region subsequently used Sudanese SIM cards in order to be able to continue to communicate with the outside world. When a massacre with 600 dead followed shortly afterwards, the population was not only killed because of their ethnicity, but also because the Sudanese SIM cards were found in their cell phones.

Snowden concludes with all Western viewers by noting that state surveillance „is not something that is very far away,“ although he admits that there are gradations in scope between countries. Nonetheless, he cites as an example that during the BLM protests in Baltimore, planes were blown up to collect the protesters‘ phone data.

„We have a two-tier system where the government can do what it wants while the people are oppressed,“ said Snowden.

In the course of the worldwide protests, decentralization was discussed this year . Blockchain technology could play an important role in this regard. In addition, cryptographically encrypted messenger services such as Signal and Telegram are becoming increasingly important for organizing protests.

Citi rebaixa ações da MicroStrategy após ousada aposta em Bitcoin

A MicroStrategy foi rebaixada para „vender“ de „neutro“ na terça-feira.

As ações da MicroStrategy caíram na terça-feira após o Citibank ter rebaixado a empresa de inteligência de negócios em relação ao seu foco “desproporcional” em Bitcoin

O analista do Citi, Tyler Radke, emitiu uma classificação de „venda“ no MSTR logo depois que a empresa anunciou que estava levantando mais dinheiro para comprar Bitcoin ( BTC ). Radke diz que o „foco desproporcional no bitcoin“ do CEO Michael Saylor coloca os investidores em risco considerável, especialmente depois de uma alta „sobrecarregada“ desde setembro.

Ele escreveu :

“O investimento em bitcoin da MSTR retornou $ 250 milhões (ou no valor de $ 26 / ação ou + 20% para ações) desde agosto de ’20. Embora impressionante, empalidece em comparação com o retorno de 172% no estoque. Com o preço atual das ações, nossa análise sugere que o mercado está precificando cenários de avaliação muito mais otimistas para o negócio principal e Bitcoin. ”

Ações da MicroStrategy por Yahoo Finance

O preço das ações da MicroStrategy tem subido desde agosto, quando a empresa anunciou seu jogo Bitcoin. Muitos investidores veem o MSTR como um investimento indireto no Bitcoin, dadas as vastas reservas de moeda digital da empresa.

Na segunda-feira, a MicroStrategy revelou planos de alocar outros $ 400 milhões para seus títulos de Bitcoin. Para isso, a empresa planeja emitir US $ 400 milhões em notas seniores conversíveis. Conforme relatado pela Cointelegraph , US $ 400 milhões aumentariam as reservas de Bitcoin da empresa em mais de 20.800 BTC.

A MicroStrategy é de longe a maior detentora corporativa de Bitcoin. Atualmente, possui 40.824 BTC em seus livros, com valor combinado de US $ 2,756 bilhões.

Investidores institucionais e corporações estão se voltando para o Bitcoin como uma proteção contra a inflação e a instabilidade do dólar. Saylor comparou as reservas de caixa de sua empresa a um “cubo de gelo derretido”, à medida que o poder de compra do dólar americano continua a cair. Ele acredita que a inflação de ativos crescerá para mais de 20% ao ano.

Bitcoin as influential as Facebook: “Social Network” author hits bullish BTC forecast

Bitcoin has revolutionary potential: it deserves its place next to gold and currencies and could be as groundbreaking as the PC or the Internet as a technology.

The author of the book „Bitcoin Billionaires“ even believes, based on his extensive experience with the social network, that the crypto currency could change the world as dramatically as Facebook.

But to what extent is there something to it – and could Bitcoin’s potential be even more far-reaching than everyone expected?

Crypto as influential as internet and pc?

There have been few assets or technologies as polarizing as Bitcoin Lifestyle. Some believe he will save the world from itself and from ongoing problems such as wealth inequality and greed. Others call it rat poison and criticize the principle at every opportunity.

Opponents include Warren Buffett, Peter Schiff and Jamie Dimon; proponents include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and some of the most brilliant young entrepreneurs today.

Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and a key figure in the dot-com boom and growth of the internet, says Bitcoin is just as important as the internet or the personal computer before it, and like these technologies, they need time to show their true potential .

There was a time when people called email „unnecessary“ and said nothing would replace people’s daily newspapers

Another recent comparison was made by someone incredibly close to both examples, who says that the leading cryptocurrency by market cap could one day be as earth-shattering as Facebook.

The quote comes from the „Bitcoin Billionaires“ author Ben Mezrich, who can speak from experience on both topics. The book is reminiscent of the Winklevoss twins‘ first foray into crypto currency, who invested large sums in BTC early on.

Cameron and Tyler were no strangers to early technological breakthroughs and, alongside Mark Zuckerberg, pioneers in the early days of what would eventually become today’s Facebook.

Mezrich also wrote the novel The Social Experiment, which is based on this experience and formed the material for the film of the same name.

Bitcoin can, in a sense, be viewed as a financial experiment. And like Facebook before, innovation can be used to change the world – if the experiment is successful and the right believers and supporters are behind it.

Whether Facebook has changed things for better or for worse is up for debate. Bitcoin would have a lot more positive benefits, however, as it improves privacy rather than destroying it.