Beginning Guide: How to select the ideal Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the way to enter into the world of crypto. With it, you are able to complete all purchasing and selling transactions using digital currencies you’d like to. Their importance to the trading of digital assets underscores the importance of making a careful selection.

Three important questions should be your guide when searching for an exchange. First, what kind of deals does the market offer? What are the features that make a good cryptocurrency exchange? Then, what are the best exchanges for beginners that beginners should think about taking advantage of?

If you’re beginning your search for an exchange and have a connection to these issues now is the best day. This article will walk you through the aspects to take into consideration when selecting the right crypto exchange. In addition, it will direct you to beginner-friendly exchanges which will you ease your introduction to crypto trading.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are many kinds of exchanges. They include:

Trading Platforms Exchanges

Trading exchanges are among the most popular kind of trading exchange. They are platforms which connect sellers and buyers to conduct transactions. They charge fees to facilitate the exchange.

  • Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Centralized exchanges rely on an external third party to provide the security of transactions that take place on their. Because they’re custodial they have complete control over every trade. Another important aspect is their emphasis on the compliance of KYC as well as AML rules. Additionally, every user is bound to the exchange’s policies and processes for making trades. Apart from crypto-to-crypto exchanges, they also conduct fiat-to-crypto trades or the reverse. Binance and Coinbase are two examples of well-known exchanges that are centrally managed.

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Contrary to CEXs, a DEX does away with intermediaries. Instead they make use of intelligent contracts to complete exchanges. Since they’re not custodial and non-custodial, they allow their customers the complete control over their money.

Furthermore, their permissionless nature obstructs compliance with rigorous KYC and AML rules. In contrast to CEXs they typically offer crypto to crypto trades. The most popular DEXs include Uniswap, SushiSwap, and the dYdX.

Direct Trading Exchanges

The exchanges are based on the direct relationship between people and allow cryptocurrency exchanges between people from various nations. They don’t set prices on the market. Instead, each trader decides their own exchange rate. The crypto market is unpredictable, and you probably must be wondering about Biticodes efficiency.

Atomic Swap Exchanges

Atomic swap exchanges, also known as Atomic cross-chain trading exchanges are smart contract-based platforms which allow traders to participate in diverse digital currencies‘ nuclear swaps. As with DEXs however, they do not do not permit intermediaries to trade.

Broker Exchanges

These are crypto exchanges that brokers determine prices. They function similarly to forex dealers.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Crypto Exchange

In the beginning article, the first step toward the success of your crypto trading venture is choosing a good exchange. Nowadays, any cryptocurrency trader can choose from a variety in trading platform options to pick from. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses. Their suitability, therefore, is dependent on the person. To get the most value from exchanges is a matter of care when choosing. If you are beginning the process, here are a few important questions that will guide you through the process.

What’s the Exchange’s Reputation?

The character of the exchange should be a major aspect to take into account when choosing an exchange. To assess the reputation of an exchange review the reviews of the customers and credible websites for industry.

In addition, there are crypto-focused forums where you can obtain information. You can make use of Reddit, Quora and even Google to look up details on the specific platform.

What Security Guarantees Does the Exchange Offer?

Security is at the top of any crypto trader’s list of priorities. You want to be sure that you can trade with confidence with the company. The increasing instances of fraud and theft using crypto have raised the stakes.

To increase the security of their customers, they have implemented new security measures. For instance, they use cold storage, 2FA, end-to-end encryption along with email security, among other things.

Customer Support

All customers desire fair treatment. Professional customer support makes you feel valued. It’s quick, efficient and compassionate. The customer service guarantees that you receive timely and amiable resolution to any problems that you might face. The exchange you select will provide top-quality customer support.

Does it Geo-Restrict Services?

Certain exchanges offer geo-restricted access to certain functions and services. For a trader in crypto it’s important to determine if the platform you’re interested in offers complete access to the products and services in your area.

Is the Platform Legit?

The cryptocurrency industry is just beginning to take off. Although they are gaining acceptance, many countries have a strict view of the use of cryptocurrency. Thus, many crypto trading and exchange platforms do not have the legitimacy of many countries.

It is essential to determine the legal status of an exchange in your state prior to joining. In this way, you’ll stay clear of violating the laws.

Transparency Level

What is the level of transparency for the exchange? Who are the owners? Where is the team located? What is the team’s composition? Transparent exchanges give confidence in their authenticity. In addition, they provide the addresses of their Cold Storage, as well as the method of evaluating their reserves.

Liquidity Level

The liquidity of the platform is another crucial aspect to take into consideration. Exchanges differ in the amount of liquidity they have. Greater liquidity means confidence on the platform. Additionally, it helps streamline the process of trading in cryptocurrency.

In addition, it is important to find out if the exchange has „locked-in“ pricing. This option guarantees you the cost at the moment you make your transaction, regardless of the date of settlement. Know that liquidity may vary dependent on the trading pair. Although it could be very higher for BTC/EUR however, it could be below for BTC/GBP.


It is important for traders to consider how transaction costs are compared between exchanges. Most of the time, they are not more then 1% traded value. However, they can be reduced with an increase in trading volume.

It is also important to check the fees to withdraw. In this regard, certain exchanges charge a lot. Additionally, it is essential to determine a platform’s deposits fees. While credit and debit cards provide convenient ways of buying cryptos, they are charged as much as 5% transactions, or more.

User Experience

Before you decide on an exchange, look into the experiences of the users. What would make you happy when you choose one over another?

Consider such things as the level of security they’d promise you. Check out how easy it will be for you to navigate through the interface. Is it available on multiple devices? In addition, you should check for feedback from users about the platform, especially their advantages and disadvantages.

10 Dependable and Beginner-friendly Crypto Exchanges at Your Disposal

At this point, you should know what a crypto exchange. You know the things to look for when you’re using one. We’ll now shift our focus on the most reliable and easy-to-use platforms on the market. Should we?

  • Binance

Binance boasts that it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange according to volume.

Impressive ICO Listings

Its fame stems from its stunning ICO listing. Additionally, it is run by an extremely friendly CEO, and charges minimal trading fees.

Easy Trading

The main strength of Binance is its extensive crypto offerings. It also has an intuitive interface for users that allows quick switching between basic and advanced perspectives.

KYC Requirements

Customers don’t need to confirm their accounts prior to starting trading in cryptocurrency. The platform limits the withdrawal of funds at two BTC every day. In order to be eligible for larger amounts, you’ll need to successfully pass your KYC test. The test requires that you send them a photo of your ID as well as a selfie.

  • OKEx

OKX is an exchange with multiple cryptos that is made to cater to professionals who trade. It’s among the biggest and most reliable exchanges that exist.

Fiat Trading

Apart from trading crypto to crypto It also allows the trading of fiat. It also offers digital asset-based futures that offer a variety of leverage options. Customers can take advantage of a broad range different trading options. They are able to trade directly between fiat and crypto currencies. OKEx is also working on an cryptocurrency derivatives market through the provision of futures.

Multilevel Verification

The OKEx platform has various levels of verification. Each level has its own specific requirements and advantages.

Verification Level 1At this level, the user is able to access the majority of the OKEx website. It has a limit on transactions of $2,000. All you require is an ID, username and a proof of their identity.

Level 2 VerificationLevel two verification allows the user access to every trading function. Additionally, you are granted an upper limitation of $200,000. You’ll have to prove your identity and submit a photo.

Level 3 VerificationYour limit on transactions is increased to $500,000. You also need the video proof of your identity. Read our complete review here.

  • Coinbase

The biggest digital asset platform globally, it is home to over 4 million users who are active. It’s in operation in over 33 countries. This is why it’s among the most reliable exchange platforms.

Free of hustle transactions

Traders have a variety of options for trading their BTC. Alongside other payment methods such as banks, their credit cards and PayPal.

For traders, Coinbase to be a user-friendly platform. Once you’ve set it up, the sole prerequisite is to connect your bank accounts. After that, you’re all set to go.

Multi-Currency Support

Coinbase is compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrency, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, ETC, ZRX and USDC. However, it isn’t able to offer support for all countries. So, you’ll need to verify your country’s eligibility prior to making a decision to join the service. Find our complete review here.

  • KuCoin

KuCoin is an Singapore multi-cryptocurrency exchange service that is based in Singapore. They offer a crypto-to-crypto exchange service offering a broad range of cryptocurrency.

Feature Rich

The platform is packed with features. It is proud of the fact that it provides its users a secure and simple user interface. You can use it on either mobile or desktop using KuCoin’s App which is compatible with both Android and iOS. Additionally, it has lower costs.


The platform rewards those who own its currency of choice KuCoin Shares (KCS) by offering discounts on the costs of trading. In addition, the exchange implements the profit-sharing model. It will distribute 50 percent of daily fees for trading in the form of a profit-sharing scheme to KCS holders.

  • Bittrex

The headquarters are located at Seattle, Bittrex is a well-established and highly respected cryptocurrency trading platform. The most notable feature of the platform is its security and dependability. Additionally, it offers an extensive cryptocurrency offering and holds around 300 coins and more than that.

Next-Gen Trading

Bittrex claims to be the new-generation crypto trading platform. Other noteworthy attributes include quick withdrawals and deposits as well as dependable customer support and even trading in fiat. But, the user interface isn’t a great one for beginners.

  • CoinMama

CoinMama is a broker exchange that lets you purchase crypto using credit or debit cards.

Faster Crypto Acquisition

One of the main selling points of CoinMama is its user-friendly and easy set-up. It is one of the most efficient and fastest methods to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano QTUM Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash Ripple directly from the credit card you use.

Lower Fees

Coin mama has minimal transaction fees. To compensate for this Coin mama, it still places caps on daily transactions that are higher than Coinbase. The daily limit is up to $5,000 in coins however, the monthly limit is set at $20,000. When you open a new account, you need to give your personal details.

  • LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is an P2P crypto exchange that is used in the major cities of the globe. Its basic idea is that people will be able to find people in their community to exchange in person.

Multiple Payments Avenues

Customers can buy cryptos using PayPal, Square, direct-to-bank transfer, and other payment processing methods. Sellers who apply their exchange rates are charged an additional 1% per transaction.

Privacy Focussed Platform

The platform is designed for those who are concerned about privacy. You can buy BTC in person, without linking your account to the exchange. To avoid fraud, all transactions need to pass through an escrow procedure. Following verification, an transaction closes.


The company was established in 2013. is one of the oldest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges operating today. In the past, it was an BTC exchange as well as a cloud-based mining services. However, it shut down its mining operations in 2015 to focus on cryptocurrency exchange.

A Beginner-Friendly Platform’s simple interface makes it a preferred option for those who are new to trading. It has a custom multi-level account system that’s an trader’s dream.

Multi Payments Support

As a result of its affiliation with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, it carries out KYC and AML checks. It is able to accept credit card purchases and wire transfer. European residents can make use of SEPA transfers.

  • Kraken

In 2011, the company was founded. Kraken was founded in 2011. It has earned a name for security in cryptocurrency trading. It has gained the trust of the private sector and in institutions. Additionally, it has global appeal, and it is currently the leading BTC-Euro trading volume.

Support for Major Fiat Currencies

Kraken permits deposits and withdrawals to be made in CAD, EUR, JPY and USD. Additionally, it uses Bank Transfers to conduct fiat payment in currency. For those who reside within the EU it is possible to make use of to use the SEPA system for payment. system.

  • Bitpanda

Bitpanda is one of the top exchanges in Europe. It is a specialist in crypto-fiat transactions. It facilitates exchanges of Bitcoin, BCash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, Komodo, Ripple Ethereum Classic to US Euros, Dollars, British Pounds, and Swiss Francs.

Diverse Payment Methods

The exchange is able to accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers and debit cards Skrill and Neteller. The exchange charges an 3.98 percent fee on debit and credit card transactions. The user interface is simple and makes trading for novices.

No Fees for Account to Account Transactions

Bitpanda has eliminated charges for transactions across accounts of the exchange. This change makes transfer of low amounts of crypto effortless.

Key Takeaways


The road to a rewarding cryptocurrency trading begins with the choice of a cryptocurrency exchange. For those who are new to the field it can be a daunting task. However, it shouldn’t be the case if one knows what to look for on the exchange platforms. This article has provided a brief overview of the most important aspects to take into consideration when searching for an exchange. The article has also helped provide some useful trading platforms in crypto for beginners. It’s an excellent source for anyone just starting out on the path to becoming a trader.