Don’t Risk It All On Pepe Coin: Analyst Issues Warning

• Popular analyst Altcoin Sherpa issued a warning against traders buying the crypto asset Pepe Coin.
• He warned that price boosts would be short-lived and advised investors to buy Ethereum instead.
• He also warned against shorting PEPE or similar coins, as they tend to gain momentum quickly and are difficult to predict.

Warning Against Pepe Coin

Popular analyst Altcoin Sherpa took to his Twitter handle on Thursday and issued a warning for the traders who are currently accumulating PEPE coins. The analyst explained that the price boosts will be short-lived and advised traders not to lose their money. Instead, he told his followers to buy Ethereum and wait for the bull run.

Possibility of Larger Exchanges Listing Pepe

He said that PEPE will likely survive and not go the way of other “shitcoins” such as Safemoon and BONK, due to its recognizable and easily identifiable meme. However, it remains to be seen if it will have the same strength and popularity as other successful coins like SHIB that have emerged in the past.In his opinion, PEPE will stick around for a while, especially given the high volume it has seen in recent weeks. It’s possible that larger exchanges may list it, but personally, he wouldn’t buy it at its current high price.

Advice For Short Term Gains

He said that if anyone does decide to buy, he thinks it’s best to scalp for small gains rather than expecting massive returns as it had at a 20 million MC. “As I said last night, PEPE offshoots are going to do well in the short term.“

Risks Of Shorting Pepe Coins

On the other hand, shorting PEPE or similar coins like XRP and DOGE is extremely risky, as they tend to gain momentum quickly and are difficult to predict. “How shitty would it be for you to lose your stack chasing meme coins before the bullrun actually started?

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